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We have had a lot of questions about the Ibotta app.  I also went shopping yesterday and bought something thinking that it had an Ibotta coupon on it…  Come to find out it is not valid at that store.  So, I thought I would give you all this information and save you the same trouble! If you haven’t gotten the Ibotta App for your iPhone or Android device go HERE :)

Here is your offer screen on Ibotta, I am going to use the Clear Shampoo as the example:

If you click on redeem:

You will see the list of stores that Ibotta is partnered with:

I am going to shop at Rite Aid and want to see if they have the Clear Shampoo Ibotta Coupon. It shows that they have 3 Ibotta offers valid at Rite Aid. Click on Rite Aid to see these offers:

As you can see they DO NOT have the Clear Shampoo Ibotta Coupon available.

I hope these steps help you in making sure you can get that coupon.  I check the app in the store before I buy something!

I also want to show you that you can scan the barcode of the item to make sure you are buying the right item:

Happy Shopping!

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