Getting Started Couponing

First Things First:

Shopping In a Whole New Way
When you are shopping with coupons, the key to getting WILD Savings is to stock up when the prices are low! You will no longer run to the store every other day to grab that one ingredient you need to make dinner that night! You will shop ahead for what you need when that item is cheap, and have enough on hand to make your meals until that item is cheap again! This is the key to saving up to 50-90% on your groceries! You will never have to run out to buy that $3.00 jar of spaghetti sauce, because you have a shelf full of them that you paid $1.00 or even less for!
You will be at the store quite often at first, while you are building up your stockpile. You need to get in on the sales, match up your coupons with those sales, and stock up enough to get you by until the sale comes along again! It is best to pick a few stores that you can get very comfortable shopping at, or you could get too caught up in chasing the deals, and get burnt out, fast! We have a little write-up on each store, with their coupon policy, and the ins and outs of shopping at that store, so you can see which ones will work best for you. We will also tell you each week which store has what items on sale to match up with all the coupons you will be getting! With four easy steps, you will also be Extremely Wild 4 Savings!

Step One:

Get Coupons!
The fastest and easiest way to get coupons is to print them right from home! You will have to download software to get these internet printable coupons. The manufacturers put security measures on them to ensure they are legitimate. The software ensures these security measures are in place, and the stores will get reimbursed for taking the coupon. Usually you will be able to print two of each coupon from each computer you have access to. The software is safe, and easy to install! You will have an abundance of coupons in no time from the comfort of your home!

Here is what the most common Printable Coupon from looks like.

The best sites for printing coupons are:

NEVER photocopy these printable coupons so you can have more of them because each coupon has a code that can only be used one time! The stores lose money on photocopied coupons, and could stop taking internet printable coupons altogether! That would hurt you and all other couponers in the long run! It is fraudulent and illegal to try to use photocopies of legitimate coupons

The other most common way to get coupons is in the newspaper. There are 3 inserts that come in the paper. Some weeks have all 3, and some weeks could have only one.

They are:
Smart Source (SS)
Red Plum (RP)
Proctor and Gamble (P&G)-This insert usually only comes once a month.

It is usually a good idea to try to get several copies of these coupon inserts from the newspaper. You could get one of the deals from the Coeur d’ Alene Press or the Spokesman Review that allows you to get multiple copies of the Sunday paper that we are working right now on getting. We will let you know when we have these finalized! Or you could ask everyone you know who doesn’t clip coupons to save them for you! I even have my friend in Texas cutting coupons out and sending them over to me! Get creative! You would be surprised how many people are willing to set aside their coupon inserts for you! You could always check out Ebay or other coupon clipping services if you are in need of more coupons. This is probably a little bit more expensive way of getting coupons, but if you never get the great coupons in your area, or need a whole bunch of one particular coupon, this could work for you. You are paying people for the service of cutting the coupons for you, and mailing them to you, because they can’t sell the actual coupons themselves.