Step Four: At The Store

You have gotten this far, and we have shown you where to find all the hot deals! You are ready to head to the store and put everything you’ve learned into action! I print out all of the deals I want to get at each store where I will be going from the Extremely Wild 4 Savings site, and put it in my binder.

Then I put all the coupons I will need for the trip in the front of my binder so they are easy to find. Some people put them in an envelope instead of having the whole binder with them, and just leave the binder in the car in case they find a really hot sale they didn’t know about. As I put each item in my cart, I put the coupon that goes with it in a pencil pouch I have in the front of the binder. So if I planned on getting 4 boxes of crackers, but could only get 2, I put the two coupons I will need in the pencil pouch so I have them ready for the checkout. That way I don’t have to stand at the checkout line counting items and coupons, because I did that as I loaded the cart!

Then I find out if my cashier wants the coupons with each item, or just at the end. Usually they just want them all at the end of the transaction, but I have had a few that wanted them as we went. I always try to do what I can to make things as easy as possible on the cashiers. If I have several transactions, or if I have a large transaction with a lot of coupons that will take a long time, I will sometimes let people go in front of me, especially if they just have a few things.

Always be friendly to the cashier, even if they are scrutinizing your coupons or you are disagreeing with them over something. It is their job to be sure they are only taking coupons the store will be reimbursed for. It is a good idea to have a copy of the store coupon policy with you for every store you shop at. I keep them all in my coupon binder for easy reference in case I run into a problem. You can get each store’s coupon policy in the section we have dedicated to that store. Many times the cashier hasn’t been informed of changes, or just interpreted the policy in a different way, and the problem can be easily resolved. If you encounter a problem, politely ask for a manager to come help resolve the issue, or explain why something isn’t working the way you thought it would.

If they don’t have an item that is on sale, or they didn’t have as many as you were hoping to get, be sure to get a rain check! The rain check will allow you to get a sale price when the item comes back in stock. That way you can still get your yogurt for the $2.00 sale price, even after it goes back up to the $3.79 shelf price! Stores will not allow expired coupons at all, even on rain check items. So if your coupon is going to expire, you may not want to waste your time getting a rain check for the sale price, unless you happen to know another coupon is coming out on that particular item with a valid expiration date.
Rain checks are a great tool to use especially when an item is particularly hot, and you walk into the store to find a shelf bare! It can be frustrating to find that. It has happened to every couponer at one time or another. Just keep your cool, pick up your rain check, and you can still get that hot deal next week when you are there!
If you follow these four easy steps, before long, you will also be Extremely Wild 4 Savings! It may take a little while to figure out the best way to make it work for you, but the savings you will see as you go along will be completely worth your while! It is addicting to see your total drop from $100 to only $30 or less for groceries! To make it even better, we are taking the leg work out of it for you! We are bringing you the best deals, and telling you everything you need to know to make it work! If you have questions along the way, we are more than happy to help! We love helping other people save money, and seeing them become successful at getting control of their money by not spending it all at the grocery store!