How to Shop Walmart:

Walmart is a great place to shop especially with their new coupon policy in place! They are the store with the most lenient coupon policy that I know of! We advise that you take their coupon policy with you every time you shop, because not all cashiers are always up to speed on what the current policy is!

Know When to Shop:

Walmart tends to be quite busy on weekends and evenings, so it is best if you can avoid these times whenever possible. One of the great things about Walmart, is that the stores generally get shipments and restock nightly. So if you are looking for the best selection we would suggest trying to shop in the early morning. This also a great time to keep an eye out for new markdowns and clearance!

Does Walmart Give Overage?

Walmart is the only store that states in their coupon policy that they will allow coupon overage! That is what we were talking about when we mentioned their very lenient coupon policy!

What is Coupon Overage?

Coupon overage is when you are purchasing an item and the coupon you have exceeds the dollar amount of that item.

Here is an example:

You are purchasing Degree Deodorant for $1.50 and you have a coupon for $2.00/1 Degree Deodorant. Walmart will let you use that $2.00/1 coupon to purchase the $1.50 Degree Deodorant plus, let you use the other $.50 towards other items! How WILD is that? This is what this transaction would look like.

Degree Deodorant, $1.50

-$2.00/1 Coupon

Final Price: $.50 OVERAGE!

Trident Gum, $1.00

-$.50 Coupon

-$.50 OVERAGE from Degree Deodorant

Final Price: Free!

You would need to have both items in one transaction, and you would pay nothing Out of Pocket (OOP) for both items because of Walmart allowing you to get Overage on the high value Degree coupon!

Does Walmart Take Competitors Coupons?

Yes, Walmart will take competitors coupons and checkout coupons (aka “Catalinas”) that are printed at other stores. The Catalina check out coupons must have specific requirements printed on them such as $2.00/5 General Mills Cereal. They will not accept On Your Next Order (OYNO) Catalinas though that are just a dollar amount off the basket purchase. They must be on specific items. They also take in-ad coupons from other stores. So if an item is only $.88 with a Safeway in-ad coupon, Walmart will give you that same item for $.88 if you show them the coupon from Safeway!

Does Walmart Price Match and What is it?

Yes, Walmart is one of the few stores in our area that will price match. Price matching is one of best tools you can use at Walmart. Not only will it save you time from running for one store to the next, it will save you gas and money! Price matching is when you show Walmart a competitor’s ad for an item, and they will let you purchase it for the same price at their store! So no more running to Safeway for the $.50 soup, and Target for the $1.00 shampoo, then on to Walgreens for the $.50 razors! You can get everything you wanted to get all in one stop!

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to save money, Walmart could be the store for you! They have a lenient coupon policy, even allowing you to use overage from one coupon to help pay for your other items, and they make it so you don’t have to spend your whole day running from one store to the next! Walmart is another store we visit often to help keep you up to speed on what good buys they have going on! So be sure to check back and see what WILD Deals we can find for you while we are there! Don’t forget to print the coupon policy out before you go! :-)