Popcorn Valentines

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Ok, so I’m sure you have made you way to Albertsons this week and got in on the WILD Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Deal, well heres a creative way you can turn all those packages of popcorn into adorable Valentines!

What You Will Need: 

  • Bags of Microwaveable Popcorn (check out Albertsons Deal HERE)
  • Scrap Book or Construction Paper
  • Scissors (the ones with the squiggly cuts are neat)
  • Double sided Tape or glue stick
  • Free Printable Sayings FREE printable

What To Do:

Step One: Measure your bag of popcorn and cut your paper to size and wrap paper around entire package of popcorn. Secure it using the double sided tape.

Step Two: Print the Valentine Sayings FREE printable and cut them out using decorative scissors. Tape or Glue to the scrap book paper

Step Three: Pass your adorable creations out to all your Valentines :)


Thanks, Go Team Duncan for the Craft Idea!!

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