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Have you tried to use a coupon and a pre-loaded Safeway Just4U coupon and have it not take it?  We are going to explain the Just4U program so that you know when you can stack these coupons for bigger savings and when you can’t and save you some frustration! :)

When you load the coupons in the Just4U program, look at the wording:

When the coupon specifies a price for the item, this is a Safeway coupon and you can stack a manufacturer coupon with it!

When you see $x Off, this is also a Safeway Store Coupon that you can stack manufacturer coupons with!

It is when you see SAVE $x that it is a manufacturer coupon already and you CANNOT stack another coupon with it!

We hope this helps and will save you time and frustration as Safeway is having more hot deals lately!  :)

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  1. Evelyn Geyer says:

    i cant get it to add from the site to the card.

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