Zaycon Foods is bringing you 4 delicious products.  Fresh Hickory Smoked Bacon, Wild Alaskan True Cod, All Beef Hot Dogs and German Sausages!

We are taking orders today through Thursday, June 21st at midnight or UNTIL SOLD OUT! Log on now to place your order!  Zaycon is  only coming to 5 locations - Coeur d’alene, Spokane Valley, Spokane North, Spokane South and Airway Heights.

Fresh Hickory Smoked Bacon for ONLY $2.89/lb! 

• High quality, medium-cut hickory smoked sliced bacon (14-18 slices per pound).

• Order includes two 15-lb cases with two 7.5-lb packages per case (Total order size is 30-lbs).

• Premium, high-quality and consistent, this hickory-smoked bacon has a wonderful flavor and represents a great value for families.

• Easy to share with a friend if you do not think you can use the entire case.

Wild Alaskan True Cod for ONLY $5.29/lb


• Delicious True COD fillets — the closest thing to a same-day catch as possible.

• Caught in the icy cold waters of Alaska and flash frozen.

• Each fillet is IQF (individually quick frozen) and packaged in a single 20-lb bag inside the case. • Sold by the case — 20 lbs in each case.

German Sausage for ONLY $2.99/lb! For you German Sausage lovers, you won’t want to go without this item! These come frozen. There are 5 German Sausage per pound for a total of 50 in each 10lb. case.

All Beef Hot Dogs for ONLY $2.99/lb! These All Beef Hot Dogs are made from Sirloin Trim and come frozen. There are 5 Hot Dogs per pound for a total of 50 in each 10lb. case.

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