Professional tips on how to spot fraudulent online companies

Did you know that cybercrime has been on an incredibly high rise in the last few years? Every day, various fake companies appear on the net whose only goal is to target their victims and harm them in any way?

Every second in the world, someone is deceived by scam sites, regardless of which side of the world they are on and whether it is money fraud or theft of personal data. Sites that offer numerous get-rich-quick schemes have largely emerged, and anyone can become a victim.

Scam sites have advanced so much that they are almost identical to legitimate ones. However, some indicators can tell you that this is a scam. Below, you will read some valuable tips that will help you a lot to distinguish a scam and fake company from one that is not.

Let’s start with tip number one, shall we?

See what kind of content is present on the site.

You can say a lot about a site just by looking at its content. Usually, legitimate and relevant sites have original, very detailed and relevant content related to his business. Verified brands will most likely have multi-word blog posts covering various topics related to that brand, which can be a good indicator that you are the right company.

On the other hand, if the content is incomplete, full of grammatical errors, scam links and too many promotional sentences, it is likely a scam site and a fake company. Therefore, it is heartily recommended that you do not click anywhere on suspicious links and check whether, for example, the company’s images are authentic or have been downloaded from a stock site.

The name and the date of the URL can also reveal a lot.

Have you ever thought that a technical trifle, such as a domain name and date, can tell you whether it is cybercrime or not? So, how is this precisely possible? First of all, fake companies will tend to imitate their preferred brands, using similar names for their websites to attract traffic. One of these examples might look like this: “”.

That way, many will click and be dragged into a network of scammers who can’t wait to steal any individual’s personal and bank details. Check the date the site was created to see if it is another short-lived scam site.

Scam sites are usually contemporary because owners of the existing brands, which these scam sites imitate, report them quickly and get shut down almost immediately.

Find reviews and social media pages of the company.

Once you’ve checked the URL’s content, name, and date, it’s essential to find reviews and social media pages of the company to be 100% assured that it’s not a scam site or fake company. You’ll get the complete picture by reading reviews, comments and social media posts.

If there isn’t any of that, you should ask yourself if that company exists or not. It’s most likely that you’ll find all the necessary information there. Don’t overlook checking on past and present customers (if there are any). Good luck!

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