Which Health Insurance Policies Should You Buy? Your Occupation Can Help You Decide

Nowadays, many people are aware of the high expenses that one has to incur when seeking medical treatment. As a result, health insurance has found a greater acceptance. Along with regular health plans, one can also take advantage of different types of health insurance policies that give varied types of coverage. However, choosing which type of policy is suitable for you can be a bit difficult. A look at the type of occupation you have can help you here. Let’s see how.

Sedentary occupations – Critical illness insurance

A large portion of the population is engaged in sedentary, 9am-to-6pm types of jobs. While this may seem like a relaxing alternative to jobs that require physical labour, it may not be very helpful to your health. Various studies have shown that people with sedentary jobs and thus, predominantly sedentary lifestyles, are at greater risk for critical illnesses. Dealing with a critical illness is quite draining – emotionally as well as financially. A critical illness insurance policy can help in the finance regard. It provides you with a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with a critical illness so that you can get the best quality treatment for yourself.

Occupations that require living at tropical places – Vector-borne diseases health insurance

These kinds of jobs may not be common; however, those who have such jobs understand the difficulties that can come when you are stationed at some isolated place. For instance, doctors may sometimes have to visit certain tropical areas for extended periods as a part of their work profile. This leaves them vulnerable to catching vector-borne diseases. While the locals may have already developed immunity to such diseases, it may be difficult for you to be immune from the attack of mosquitoes, ticks, and other vectors. Getting treatment from the same can be a financial challenge as well.

A health insurance policy that provides coverage exclusively for vector-borne diseases can help you deal with the expenses for treatment of such diseases.

Occupations that demand long distance travelling – Personal accident insurance

There are many job profiles that require you, as an employee, to make regular and long-distance trips. Travelling frequently on highways means that you are more susceptible to accidents. While your employer and regular health insurance policies may definitely help you financially to a great extent in case of an accident, it may not be enough in the long run. If you suffer serious injuries, it may even lead to you becoming bedridden, unable to earn regular income. To avoid depleting your hard-earned savings in this situation, you can purchase a personal accident insurance policy. With regular lump sum pay-outs made depending on the severity of the injuries, you can rest assured that your household will keep running smoothly as it did before.

The personal accident insurance policy is suitable for people in any occupations that have a high amount of risk of unexpected accidents.

Kindly keep in mind that your occupation is an important factor but not the only one. It is also important to look at other factors such as your age, the geographical location you live in – whether rural or urban, genetic health risks, and so on before you choose the ideal policy for you out of the several health insurance policies.

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